Corvus ['ko r-ves] Corbin is from the Roman cognomen
Corvinus, which is derived from corvus; meaning raven.

About us


Mark jacob

CorbinSound is your team for all of your Audio Post needs. We have over 20 years combined experience and expertise. From Independent films, to Food Network, to Animation; we have the skills to give your project a sound of its own.

Mark: Before starting CorbinSound, Mark was the Senior Audio Engineer for several Post Facilities in Manhattan. He has had the opportunity to work on films, promos, television shows, animation, theatrical sound design, audio system design & studio design. Mark loves getting the opportunity to tell stories with the medium of sound. Every projects gets a life & a sound of its own. When he’s not behind the ProTools rig, he enjoys BBQ’n (Texas style), shootin pool, and jumpin’ out of perfectly good airplanes.

Jacob: Jacob is a seasoned engineer and sound designer that thrives under pressure. He has a proven track record of professionalism, creativity, organization, and technical savvy. When he is not behind the ProTools rig, he enjoys playing with the dog, brewing awesome beer, BBQ’n (Texas style), fishing, and pushing Mark out of perfectly good airplanes.